My new favorite shop on Etsy


I'm so super excited about this amazing new shop i found on Etsy today that i wanted to share it with you guys right away! Beautiful black stoneware made by Tel Aviv based designer Shirley Gelber Golan

Shirley is an architect & designer and she creates this amazing clay homeware collection for her design studio GG50.

Matte versus glazed, textured versus smooth, black versus white-grey.

Quote "My work attempts to be honest and with a natural feel to it. The emphasis on the tactility of clay as a material is achieved by leaving outer surfaces un-glazed thus preserving some of the natural coarseness of the clay. This discipline characterizes all my work both in pottery and in architecture."

Go check out her shop here. It's great to keep in mind for your Holiday gifts (and mine)!

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  1. Nice post. I love this clay homeware collection as well. Thanks a lot for your sharing!