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It's been a while since i've updated you on the developments the shop made. We've been busy and keeping the shop up to date has been my main priority. I'm so happy that we are welcoming both repeater guests and new enthusiasts! Thank you!

So what's been happening? We've got some great additions to she shop collection like these stunning porcupine baskets (small and large), i love these guys for storage but most of all as a cachepot for you favorite plants (the Aloe vera does wonders in this beauty). The large Binga storage baskets from Zimbabwe are new as well, they've got super pretty patterns and are great decoration pieces. 

We've got fresh vintage ceramics and i'm so happy that i can finally offer you single mudcloth throws too. These are just lovely to use as a throw over your sofa or as a blanket in a nursery. Make them into a wall hanging or (yay!) customize these pieces for your XL floor pillow cover (request a custom order in the shop). All our mudcloth throws are hand washed, air dried, carefully ironed and ready to use.

And last but not least we've had some amazing new style photo's made by my favorite photographer, vintage ceramics lover and plant enthusiast Janneke Luursema. Janneke has got a great eye for aesthetics and she knows exactly how to keep an image simple yet make it super interesting. I love the work she's done for our shop again! 

We've opened an Instagram account to share all our style photos with you and keep you updated and inspired. Please follow! :)

Have a great weekend you guys, talk to you soon! x

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