Handmade pottery vases on Etsy


My shop on Etsy is open for 11 months now and i'm so happy i took the plunge and just went for it that day. But it wasn't 11 months ago i discovered Etsy, i've been browsing this wonderful platform since 2010. So you can imagion i have lots of favorite items and shops collected over these years (follow or shop my style here). 

I love handmade pottery vases, so i wanted to share a couple of my favorites. The perfect hand thrown vase is an object on its own. Even without any flowers it should be lovely to look at. I always feel so privileged to have and hold something as beautiful and one of a kind!

1. Blue Black pottery vase by Koji Kitaoka
2. Organic shaped ceramic vase by Mia Lindbirk
3. Pottery vase with brown vertical lines by CeramicART4U
4. Hand thrown bud vase by Hanselmann pottery
5. Unglazed weelthrown vases by Mc Beard ceramics

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