The perfect summerhouse


We thought about it, a lot actually, our perfect summerhouse. The past couple of years it's been a returning subject on our summer happiness bucketlist. Our own little summer cottage. Ours would probably be in the woods and not on the beach. Summerhouses like this one, House Doctor styled for their summer catalogue would probably be unrealistic. As well as location as costs. But really, we (my husband and i) have discussed it over and over the last couple of years.

Maybe your recognize it, when the weather gets better, the sun is shining and the birds are singing you get that feeling of a fresh start. And in our case it's always been our own perfect summerhouse. A place to go to after a long drive in the convertible, a place to get away from "it" all, with the perfect summerhouse styling, wining and dining.. you know, don't you!?

But then realism kicks in. How many times would we really use it? Would the cost way against the pleasure? Wouldn't we get tired going there? What to do with our three Siberian cats? And at that moment we're back on earth again and always decide to go for a rental option or a pretty and very comfortable hotel. But we never learn, we always start over.. wouldn't it be lovely!

For now i swoon away at these two sites, were the perfect summerhouse can be rented for a couple of days (or even weeks). Natuurhuisje for the perfect getaway in Europe and Boutique Homes for that perfect spot worldwide. These two websites are real page-turners!

Images by House Doctor for their SS2017 catalogue.

For any inquiries please contact me. House of C is happy to be an official House Doctor dealer.

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