Luke Eastop Ceramics


Luke Eastop is a third generation ceramicist working from his grandfather's studio in Berkshire. 

"I started visiting the studio after my grandfather passed away and have since moved here full time to develop a range of simple ceramic pieces, exploring form, function and utility."

Don't you just love the hustle and bustle that's going on in a studio like this? It's kind of a stylish mess. 

It used to be hard to get hold of a beautiful piece because Luke mainly made to order. But i'm very happy to let you know that the online shop will be updated regularly from now on. Experiments with new shapes and clay, but also some lovely pieces made in batches. "It's nice to have an outlet for current work, so i can show and sell what i like without having to make to order. The next update will have some runs of the most successful pieces, along with some larger unique work."

I'm looking forward to it! Follow Luck's work and updates on Facebook or Instagram.

Images by Luke Eastop, with thanks.

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