How our bedroom went viral


It was time for a bedroom make over. Actually, it was long overdue. But you know how that goes, bedrooms always come last on the list of re-styling. We had been living in our apartment for eight years and the bedroom was still in the same (outdated) state as from day one.

Eventhough i really know what i love, for my bedroom this was a total blank. It has a strong curved and high ceiling and the room is kinda large. So i decided that if i ever wanted the space to look stylish, fresh and cozy i needed to find help. I needed to find someone who could translate my thoughts into reality. Someone who shares my love for beautiful fabrics, natural (non)colors, wood and handmade design. After a short period of time i found my girl in Holly, she made the design which absolutely fulfilled my need for a fresh, unfussy and stylish bedroom. 

As Holly always does, she likes to make a documentary about a finished project (the whole sha-bang, not just a couple of photos but lots of images in different settings and changing moods). Man, i have to say i wasn't really fond of that idea. I'm a fairly private person and sharing my bedroom with the world wasn't on my bucketlist. But she convinced me otherwise..

Holly posted on her Instagram and our bedroom immediatly hitted 3K likes. As i wasn't on Instagram at that time i didn't keep track though. But then came the blogpost. And Pinterest. I remember seeing my bedroom pinned (and re-posted) for the first time, i was in shock. It's been over a year now and i still see our bedroom popping up on Pinterest and in blogposts. More then 100K re-pins later she's still going strong. But i'm used to it now and who would have thought, i even enjoy seeing her on the worldwideweb.

Photography + design Holly Marder.

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