About (our) mudcloth


At my Etsy shop you'll find a large range of mudcloth cushions. At this moment we have eight pattern variations. We are always on the look out for unique pieces of mudcloth and from these single cloths we'll have our cushions made. This way the collection will vary and stays fresh and original. The reverse side of our cushions is made of a natural linen blend fabric which compliments the mudcloth perfectly. 

Let me tell you a bit about these beautiful mudcloth pieces, so you'll hopefully appreciate them just as much as i do. African mudcloth, also known as bogolanfini, is a handwoven Mali made textile. Dyed in multiple processes of leaves, branches and river mud. Traditional mudcloth is made with 100% cotton which becomes thicker because of its treatment. 

In the Malian language of Bambara the name for mudcloth is bogolanfini. "Bogo" means earth, "lan" means with and "fini" means cloth. Earth with cloth.

Every symbol has its meaning and can tell you a lot about its wearer. For example his or her occupation, status and wealth. The symbols on mudcloth were originally meant to be understood only within small communities of people. Even though a couple of symbols have been decoted, certain symbols are still a mystery. Mudcloth was originally made by women only. They understood the symbols and would pass on their skills to their daughters. It wasn't untill the early nineties when the cloth became an opportunity for entrepreneurs that men took over the make and trade.


  1. So cute!! Where is the chair from?

    1. Hi Gabriela, thank you! This is een African Malawi lounge chair. Pretty right?!

    2. Soooo pretty! Thank you :)