Saana ja Olli carpets for Finarte

Just look at these stunning carpets designed by Saana ja Olli for Finnish rug company Finarte. Have been a fan or their pretty cushions for ages, but these carpets are just so sophisticated and stylish (and for a good price too!.. the 160x230 ones are only €175). They come in black, white, beige, grey and light blue (i’m lovin’ the white ones, they just look so fresh!). The rugs are hand-printed, hand-woven and made from upcycled materials. One hard choice to make right? ;) Have a great weekend dears! x

Credits and thanks to Saana ja Olli

Shop Saana ja Olli here at there love online shop

Shop your carpet choice here at Finarte


  1. Wow, very nice! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Your very welcome dear Maaike, have a lovely weekend! :)