Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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Effortless London family home

In this beautiful home in Dollis Hill - Northeast London - lives Tamsin Flower together with her husband Duncan and five year old son Fordy. So love the mix of styles from different eras and different countries! A Danish coffee table, French ceramics, an English chesterfield and super pretty Moroccan rugs. I’m such a sucker for these amazing boucherouite rugs lately (truly want one!) they really give your living room that something extra.. effortless, stylish and colorful. Tamsin must have thought the same thing when she and her friend Emma Wilson stumbled upon these pretty rugs in Morocco and decided to import them to the UK for their lovely online shop Beldi Rugs.. :)

Shop an amazing collection Moroccan rugs here at Tamsin's online shop Beldi Rugs

Images via Beldi Rugs with thanks

Featured in Elle Decoration (NL) feb/maart 2015

Friday, 13 March 2015

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Refresh my mind

Yay! i'll be off to Florida for a couple of weeks.. time to feel the sun on my face, sip a cocktail (or two), read a book and enjoy cruising down the coast in our Mustang convertible. So looking forward to this holiday, it’s been a long winter but nevertheless it was a great one. Will be back beginning of April, with spring around the corner. I’m always so excited about that time of year.. fresh flowers, budding blossoms, new life! Please take this time to explore some older posts, maybe you missed some or maybe you've just tuned in (hi!). Would love to recommend the Dutch tag on the blog.. here you’ll find great Dutch designers, lovely home tours and super pretty shops. Please enjoy and SYS dears! x

Photo credits Brittany Ambridge for domino

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

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Light and bright designers home

This early 60s home nearby Copenhagen belongs to jewelry designer Cecilia Brøgger and her family. Bright, clean and simple.. with herringbone parquet floors and white plastered walls. Pretty still lifes, Ikea finds and lots of design features. So love the pendant light by Louis Poulsen above the dining room table, one of my favorite designs ever! Minimalistic with perky fluo accents (the Manto Hooks in the hallway are so cute) and pretty pastels.. let's get inspired! :)

Credits and thanks to BoligLiv

Shop Cecilia Brøgger jewelery here at her beautiful shop

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

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Dutch design label Vij5

One of my favorite Dutch design labels is Vij5, founded by Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst. Brass and copper pendant lights, metal coat hangers in pretty colors, wooden candle holders and Vij5 recently introduced us to the latest addition of their collection called Elementiles
(a collaboration with Ontwerpduo). Super pretty wall elements containing different functions – mirrors, magnetic tiles, cork tiles and oak cabinets – for different spaces. You can create your own composition using the four basic shapes. These images were taken in Vij5’s workshop during Dutch Design Week 2014 where a sneak peek of Elementiles was shown (see first image).. enjoy!

Find a stockist near you here on their lovely website

Photo credits to Vij5

Monday, 9 March 2015


Wondeful white living

Linen textiles, worn wood, baskets and pottery.. in this Norwegian home no corner is overlooked! Owner Lina Kay used to run an interior shop called Vintage Girl located in the center of Hamar, were she led some amazing labels like Tine K, Gervasoni – hello! look at that Ghost Sofa – and Olsson & Jensen. After four years she decided to give designing another try and she now runs her studio from home. Glossy white painted floors, a light color pallet and striking contrasts between different objects & materials.. so fresh and lively.. i'm lovin' it! Have a happy start of the week dears! :)

Credits and thanks to KKliving

Photography Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Friday, 6 March 2015

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Stine Leth for ferm LIVING

Danish knitting artist Stine Leth has designed 30 unique wall-pieces for ferm LIVING. The collection was launched end of last January and almost 2/3 of the collection is already sold out! Colorful, playful and extremely creative. These art works are exclusively sold online at ferm LIVING.. be sure to stop by the Stine Leth gallery (here) cause there are still some super pretty designs available! :)

Tip! Stay up-to-date and follow Stine Leth on instagram

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Cozy Norwegian winter cabin

So love this cozy Norwegian mountain cabin. Situated high upon a cliff in Western Norway with beautiful views of the mountains and fjords. Only 12 sqm but everything is present.. a gorgeous fireplace for warmth & coziness and which can also be used for cooking. Lovely decorated in a chic Scandinavian style with warm neutrals, white, grey and black contrasts. Lanterns from House Doctor and Tine K, woven baskets, stacks of warm blankets and driftwood from the Norwegian shores. Wouldn't mind staying here for a couple of days, would you?! :)

Credits and thanks to BoligDrøm

Photography Carina Olander