Friday, 24 April 2015

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Modern Danish countryside living

It’s a happy life at the Danish countryside.. all is bright, spacious and airy.
This stunning villa of 165 sqm, just outside Copenhagen, has it's cozy corners and a lovely garden. Popping colors on a white canvas, vintage design features and light wooden floors.. they really make this home stand out! So love the lilac flowers in their gorgeous Lyngby vases, what a treat to own such a bunch! :) Have a happy weekend dears, hope you made plans to have some fun! x

Credits and thanks to BoligLiv

Photography Morten Holtum

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

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Cute droplets ceramics by Hübsch

How cute is this hand painted collection of ceramics by Danish lifestyle brand Hübsch. So love the colors – aren’t you just into the blue hues as well – and the subtle pattern. Bowls in different sizes, pretty plates and about the cutest espresso cups i’ve ever seen! Simple, stylish and with a Nordic touch.. wouldn’t mind finding this lovely collection on my breakfast table every morning. Oh and let's not forget those pretty shelves with their gorgeous looking leather staps.. also very Hübsch! :)

Find a stockist here at Hübsch 

Tip! Any requests for a particular item try De Interieurcollectie they are always most helpful

Hübsch catalogue 2015

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Pretty perfect kitchen styling

Just have such a crush on this super pretty family kitchen.. it’s a Vipp and designed and developed
by Morten Voldum (Head of Development at Vipp). Completely with a 5,5 meter solid stainless steel counter top which weighs close to 150 kg! Morten lives in this spacious home in Valby (Denmark) with his wife Charlotte and one year old son Jens. Lovely slighting doors to the terrace, personal artwork and clean Nordic styling. This home just invites you to socialize and relax.. i’m lovin’ it!

Credits and thanks to Bolig Magazine

Monday, 20 April 2015

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The Paper Collective for MENU

Pretty prints for Charity Water. Now that’s what a like, serving a good cause by bringing amazing art into your home. Designed by topknot Danish designers like Norm Architects and Quote the Future for a joined project by The Paper Collective and design company MENU. One of my favorite Dutch webshops Accessorize your Home – owned by the lovely Sandra Meier – rapidly picked up on these pretty prints and a selection is now available at her shop. Oh and while shopping for these 50 x 70 cm posters don’t forget to add the basic oak wood frames.. they are just a match made in heaven!

Shop this pretty collection here at Accessorice your Home

Friday, 17 April 2015

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Fresh Danish family home

Just over five years ago Caroline Stormbach and her family of four moved into this charming 114 sqm home in Denmark. Caroline is really into decorating and re-decorating again (but aren't we all ;)) so she is always looking for quick solutions to create a new look. Getting her inspiration namely from instagram she is especially fond of Norwegian profiles with a simple and fresh look. I've spotted some lovely features in Caroline’s home like the by Lassen kubus candleholder and that super pretty I Love My Type poster in the living room. How bout you, did you see something you like?

Credits and thanks to Bolig Magasinet

Photography Tia Borgsmidt

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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Leaves vases by Sofie Børsting

In collaboration with ceramist Lena Pedersen Danish artist Sofie Børsting designed a gorgeous new collection of botanical oriented vases. Two different flower motives, which come in four different shapes & sizes. Go for a romantic look with the pretty Blue Hortensia print or choose a somewhat more contemporary one and go for the Blue and Grey Leaves pattern. All unique and lovely as ever!

Shop Sofie's new vase collection here 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

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Shopstop at Concept store The Society Inc.

Concepts stores are hot.. you know it, i know and Sydney based stylist Sibella Court knows it.
This is her pretty shop called The Society Inc. and it’s a lovely 300 m2 at the Inner West of Sydney. Sibella is a real globetrotter, which you can see, in her lovely collection.. walking though her shop it almost looks like your flipping though the pages of one of her styling books. Ceramics, gems of wood, dyed mosquito nets and her very own range of handcrafted & tinkered hardware. Me like!

Images via The Society Inc. for Vogue Living with thanks

Tip! Shop Sibella's styling book for vtwonen Thuiskomen ect. 

Tip!! Sibella's previous store is now a pied-a-terre and is for rent at airbnb